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As the year 2020 apocalyptic climate has affected us all, many people are sick and tired of being locked up in their homes. Doing the same thing, seeing the same thing, and tasting the same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Hopefully the year 2021 will shower mercy to us all…

Now you can bet, that once we found the cure to our salvation in this world, BILLIONS of people will be traveling far and wide. Looking to experience something different.

These people currently have all the time they need to make their trip memorable, thus, they have probably invested devoted 100+ hours to perfect their future journey.

During these hours they have invested in, billions of people are currently looking for a place to be, especially the short-term rentals.

Do you know what this means?

You can be expecting an easy 1000+ visitors visiting your property page every HOUR. You better start expecting 1000+ booking applications on your property.

This means that you will be able to hike your prices due to higher demand and your clients would still wave their cash at your face!

Now here is the problem… 

  • How are you going to manage all that? 
  • How many platforms do you have to administer to suit that many bookings?
  • How are you going to respond to that many customers?

The Solution?

All that can be solved with the help of Uplisting, a short-term rental software partner where all your bookings in one place and everything synced with your favorite booking sites. 

If you own more than one vacation rental property and/or have listed your rental properties on various booking sites such as Airbnb, booking.com, trivago – you will definitely need this.

As mentioned above, you will be able to sync all your listings from different booking platforms into uplifting and then you will be able to track all the activities inside this software.

This means that you won’t have to keep multiple tabs opened on your browser and constantly switch from different booking platforms – straining your eyes. How can Uplisting Benefit You

Here are just some of the benefits when choosing Uplisting to be your property management system:

Direct Booking Engine

Out-of-the-box, Uplisting comes with a direct booking engine — spin up booking pages for your listings in minutes and allow your guests to book directly from your site.

Multi Calendar

Get an overview of all your bookings from various booking sites by using Uplisting’s multi-calendar. Uplisting will import all your bookings into one condensed and user-friendly calendar.

No need to physically burden your eyes and device from looking into multiple calendars – trying to manually prevent duplications in your booking dates.

Minimize your risk from receiving multiple complaints from your customers, that travels thousands of kilometers, as they reach your rentals, just to find it occupied by somebody else – ruining their vacation.

All of this can be easily prevented when using this multi-calendar.

BONUS: You can also add filters to upgrade your calendar management.

Unified Inbox

Imagine if you could absorb all your guest communications into one place… imagine no more!

Uplisting provides you exactly what you need to communicate with your customers in one communication hub.

Also, you don’t need to always be in front of your computer screen 24/7, waiting patiently for any requests from your guests. You can chill on the beach, or watch your favorite series as you surf through your communication hub on the mobile app.

Automation Tool

Lack of presence is one of the ways that prevent your potential customers from choosing your rentals. They  always want to know more about your vacation rentals; discounts, payment methods, and more.

Having their questions ignored could leave a bad reputation towards your customer service – making them leave bad reviews towards your rental business and thus, make future potential customers refuse your short-term rentals.

So how do we solve this?

Well, Uplisting has got you covered by including an automation tool, allowing you to auto-respond to every frequently asked question (and more!).

Guest Payments

Since the rise of technology, people and business has started to rapidly digitized.

People nowadays are beginning to carry less and less, and the majority are starting to leave their wallets at home, especially in China – where millennials rarely pay with hard cash and even street food vendors are accepting electronic payment (e-payment). According to Chinadaily, 84 percent of people in China said they are “comfortable” going out with only mobile phones, no cash.

So you can bet that mentality will soon spread, within a decade or less, around the globe and you don’t want to be left behind.

Not having an e-payment option could very well be the death of your rental business. Thankfully, Uplisting will provide your future guests with that option, by validating credit cards information and accepting payment for all Booking.com and Homeaway guests via Stripe


All your data at your fingertips. Use Reporting to export all booking information for one or more listings for your chosen date ranges.

Every business needs the foresight to see the patterns on what and how your business is performing, and to do so you would require historical data of every event of your business — regardless of how big or small your business is.

By analyzing the day-to-day activities, you will see on which days of the week you receive the most attention, from online visitors to your site, their geographical locations and etc.

Having the insight into this data, you will strategically start your marketing campaigns on your short-term rentals based on these two (and more) information that’ll help you reach your target audience at the most appropriate time and achieve your highest conversion rate.

This is simply achieved through the use of reports. Uplisting will provide you the ability to export all booking information for one or more listings for your chosen data ranges.

These are just some of the benefits of how your short-term rental business can prosper by choosing Uplisting. You can learn more here.

There’s More…

Uplisting provides additional services that will not only help your clients but also physically help your properties.



The fastest way to collect funds to pay for repairs before your next guest arrives. It runs in the background, protecting your properties.

  • Entire process is automated
  • Secure guest payment collection page
  • Deposit collected 24 hrs before check-in


Let cleaning manage itself. Invite your cleaning team and Uplisting will do the rest (apart from the cleaning!).

  • Invite multiple cleaners to one or more listings
  • Cleaners are automatically notified
  • Cleaners have their own login


Looking to grow your property management business? Uplisting’s team of acquisition experts source your future clients, you sign them up.

  • Setup and manage Google and Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Highly converting landing pages
  • Fastest way to get more clients

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you need to be ready to meet the needs of your guests 24/7.

A slight delay in your customer service can really affect your reputation as a trustworthy rental for guests who may choose your short-stay rental again as they choose to come back to their next vacation destination.

Uplisting has the benefits to assist your business wherever you are – whether you are away from your workstation and on the beach, overseeing the progress of your business on your smartphone, as you drink your martini, and looking out the sea.

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